fredag 3 oktober 2008


Homecoming idag och jag ar grymt taggad! I'm all dressed in red and grey Nan gang i helgen kommer det ett inlagg med bilder videoklipp fran skolan, dansen och matchen!

och jag har gjort min laxa!

East High Rah-Rah-Rah
With a sis-boom-bah
At our game united are we
Barve and strong we promise to be!
We are sure to win (clap-clap-clap)
Once we do begin
E-A-S-T Rah-Rah for dear old east

Dear East Senior High
Let your banners fly
To our colors true we will be
And we'll haed to our victory
Come on Red and Grey
E-A-S-T Rah-Rah for dear old East

1 kommentar:

Louise sa...

hahha kom och tänka på american pie band camp hahahahahhahah! :D